Cyprus Pottery Ceramic Association

Artist Profile: Andri Iona
Andri Iona, having graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Camberwell, London returns to Cyprus and devotes herself to the Art of ceramics and painting. The four elements of nature earth-water-air-fire, contribute in the genesis and creation of ceramic forms from the creator. A composition of colors is drawn on the canvas giving a perfect marriage of figure shaping along with imagination and reality. Her love for nature and the human being, which is diffused in her work, coexist through an aesthetic emotion and jubilation of soul. The creativity and the imagination she possesses, give form to a group of natural and human figures as well as to simple curves. Imagination and reality become one part and the nature comes to life through tree trunks, mountain peaks, volcano lavas.
Work Information 
Foundation: 2001
Studies: Camberwell College Of Art 1997-2000
Type of Work: Artistic Ceramic
Technique: Stoneware

Contact Information 
Address: 9 Zakyntou Street
Mobile Phone: +357 99433336