South African by birth, of British & European descent, I found my way to the creative world of ceramics during a chance encounter on a visit to a pottery studio on the island of Cyprus in 2016.

Self-taught, an inquiring mind, fuelled by a thirst for knowledge and understanding, my creative voyage has been marked by a constant quest for growth, experimentation, and self-discovery. I have travelled a path strewn with both magnificent blessings and profound loss, allowing these experiences to shape my artistic expression and infuse my creations with depth and authenticity.  In search of a narrative, in search of truth, clay is a wonderful medium through wish to explore, design and express.

Influenced by the raw beauty of Africa and deeply moved by the ancient forms of Cyprus and Greece, my work predominantly embraces the art of handbuilding. The rawness of African aesthetics intertwines harmoniously with the timeless allure of ancient Cypriot and Greek art, providing a wellspring of inspiration for my creative journey.

My work spans both functional and sculptural ceramic works.  Design of lighting, decorative ceramic wall installations and I have developed skills in wheel throwing, handbuilding and multiple glazing techniques.

The chosen clay, stoneware, is currently my medium for my vision and creative expression, predominantly monochromatic tones of black, white, and occasionally red. Here, glaze color takes a backseat as I push the boundaries of size and form, allowing the clay’s inherent voice to resound.  There is beauty in raw fired clay.

Welcome to my world.  A world of merging diverse continents, cherishing ancestral value of life, family and community, embracing traditions and celebrating the richness of culture and individuality.

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